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Not a movie... not an episode... How to get it in the library?
I think I searched for this answer properly and didn't find anything.

Please note: As I solve my problems I will do my best to make a concise document on how it was solved making it easier for future people.

I have lots of documentaries, "Best of" and other such videos. Some are in IMDB, others are not. Here are...

Need advice on how to proceed
I'm at wit's end and need some advice on how to move forward.

I received my Popcorn Hour A-100 today, and I've already posted it on ebay. What a disappointment.

We have about 1000 movies ripped to HD across 6 hard drives, all attached to our main computer (a dual G5).

Until about a year ago, I...

How to Run EMulators on PLex I've downloaded some and can't run...
Hi. I don't know how to start an emulator from PLEX. It's easy on XBMC (runing on my old XBOX1), but i can't figure out how to run them from plex... :(

THey are installed and running on my mac perfectly, but plex just shows the files like "ZNES.APP" and can't fire it up. :(

how do you show folder.jpg cover art?
How to you get Plex to show your "folder.jpg" cover art file instead of it showing the cover from IMDB???

I have a "folder.jpg" file in all my movie folders, but when the library scans new content, it always shows the art from IMDB instead of my folder.jpg, I have to change it manually for it to show my file.

Is this some sort of joke?
I learnt about plex from crunchgear, I come here and downloaded it. Then when I fire it up I get a window where my pointer is invisible when dragged over it. On/Off, system, movies, video icons all dimmed except "check the Weather" and none do anything and there's no preference settings or media control buttons when a video is playing.

Location of cached fan art
Where is the location of the downloaded remote fan art on my system?

"sort by name" problem
I have a problem with the "sort by name" function.
I first discovered it when i tried to sort "music playlist" by name after it had been shuffled, and nothing happened.
It's the same when I browse my videos in file mode (other sorting criteria like "sort by size" works). In library mode...

iLife plugins not working, do nothing.
I have been following Plex/xbmc for a while now just praying for this plugin to come about but now that it's here, I'm disappointed so far.

Now this could all be my fault so i'm not going to put blame on anyone but when I go to the iTunes OR iPhoto plugin and click on <<IMPORT MY ITUNES LIBRARY>> I get a big fat nothing, no...

Library to Main Menu....Something has changed
Just wondering if something has changed since the upgrade. Before when i was in view my movies....And library Mode. If I pressed menu on the apple remote...I would go back to the main menu. However now when I press menu I go to almost some kind of a file view that is listing various folders years, genres, etc. I liked it before when menu would take me back to the...

G4 10.3.9? Am I crazy?
Thinking about trying Plex on a G4 running 10.3.9. Maybe that is asking a lot from 8 year old hardware. Seems to have a DVI output on the video card next to the funny Apple video. Wonder if I could convert that to HDMI and drive this TV. 720p is fine I'm not greedy...

The dot dot "..
In both my TV SHOWS folder and my MOVIES folder the top most item is a "..". This folder of file does not exist in the actual smb share folder. I presume this is the "root" ?

Is there a way to get rid of this item?

Plex Crashing when trying to play Video in Library
Does anyone have any ideas? I'm on the newest version of Plex, running Leopard 10.5.5. I ripped my DVD using DVD Decrypter (anyone have any better ideas?) using file mode to a single VOB file in a Video_TS folder. I am also using Media Companion to generate my .nfos etc... The only way Media Companion works is if you have a Video_TS.ifo file , is that...

I can't delete VIDEO source
Hi all,

My english is very poor so, sorry for that.
I just start to use PLEX but i have some trouble with the video source.

I add several directory in the video share for some test but now i wan't to delete this directories.
I don't find the option where i can't delete...
I search on the...

How clever is Plex? ;)
Hi, me again with more annoying questions! :D

Been doing a lot of reading today (my poor boss has no idea hes paying me to research my new media centre lol..) and worked out that my 42" Plasma will do a max of 1024x768. Ive tried hooking my PC upto my Tv today and windows (urrgh ;)) desktop/folders all look great at that...

Movie Subfolder organisation ..does this wish work ?!
Hi to all !

I have read the beginners manual about scraping movies and organisation.

No for me this the wishful situation :

I want 1 source folder where all my movies are.
Then i want to make subfolders in this source folder , because i want to catogorize the movies.

Now the...

No menus displayed and text only in Cyrillic
I have just downloaded and installed PLEX.
The user interface is a mess!

On the left of the window, there are no menus displayed. I know that because the web home page shows a picture on which I can see a number of menus (see attached file).
When I click the right arrow key either no text is displayed or then character...

Navigating in BluRay rips Skipping etc

I was wondering... I have a folder of a bluray rip, and it has the standard bdmv folder structure.. If I just hit "P" on that root folder, it starts playing everything in it. The thing is, if I skip the first tracks that are the menu background (i think) and the little trailers from the production companies etc, I cannot get to the...

I don't see plot in Video mode?
Plex 7, to be frank I don't recall how this worked in 5.

In the Video mode, Info List view, I never see the title and plot -- there is just an empty space between the thumb and the list of movies. I have checked Settings, the "Hide plot for unwatched items" option is off (besides, there's no title and plot for _any_ item,...

Plex Media Server - G4 platform
Will the Plex Media Server come to the G4 platform?

I have a PowerMac G4 MDD with 2 TB of storage - would love to use it as my Plex Media Server.


Multi Disc DVDs having trouble getting multi disc DVDs working

I'm having trouble getting multidisc DVDs to work with Plex. I have a DVD with 2 discs that I've named according to this convention:

\Movie Title (year) - Disc 1\VIDEO_TS\...
\Movie Title (year) - Disc 2\VIDEO_TS\...

The IMDB scrapper...

Duplicates in Library
Hi. I moved a few of my sources to different drives. I removed the old sources from plex and then added them back. For some reason I'm getting duplicates of many of my divx movies. I'm thinking at this point it might be best to clear out the library and start from scratch. Do I need to remove all my sources and then select the "clear library"...

TV-SERIES Scrape bug? Fanart is not scraped from thetvdb.com
I've noticed that the scrape from thetvdb.com don't scrape the fanart even though I selected it and even though the fanart exists on thetvdb.com webpage.

It does work to download and add it manually though.

family guy theme
anyone else having problems with the family guy theme music that gets scrapped ??

i've pulled it twice now and no music in plex when i enter family guy in library

i've looked at the mp3 in the application support page and i found it (75978.mp3) but when i play it .. its a blank 30 sec mp3 file .. no audio...

Trailers. Where are they stored?
I started up the movie trailer add-in and after watching a few from the Apple Movie Trailer site, I set it to the "full setting" (it was a couple weeks ago, so I don't remember exactly what it was called) and it started a huge download. Now I realize that it never asked me where to save them, and I'm worried they are all on my laptop now. I store all...

Help! Harmony.xml does not overwright default settings...
Hello Guys,
I am a bit helpless. I created a Harmony.xml File and put it in the known directory (user/Library/Application Support/Plex/Keymaps/Harmony.xml). But it changes nothing. PleX still uses the old mappings. What do I do wrong?

If someone could help me here, it would be really appreciated.

Tryed to...

Movie sorting issues.

is there a way to sort by name in library mode?

like i this:

the fly
the dark knight
the matrix
the x-files

when i want to see the matrix, i have to look at M for the Matrix not at T where The Matrix should have been stored? :blink:

Any one...

Can't find, "Scan for Content," on context menu
I added two video sources to plex called TV and movies. I highlight TV and press c - there is no scan for content option!

What the F.... Do I have to edit the registry, enter some .conf file... recompile....?

I am lost, please help

DVD Files
Hi Chaps,

I have ripped a DVD and got the usual suspects, VIDEO_TS.IFO, VTS_01_0.BUP, VTS_01_0.IFO and VTS_01_0.vob

I want to rename the vob file to the movie name, would the other files need to be changed accordingly? (inside the .ifo's too?)
Or can I just delete the lot? - my favourite option...

Help! New TV = Choppy Playback A Newbie looking for HDTV experience
First let me state right out front that while I've been using Plex since it was called OSXBMC, I just today got my first HDTV. So I'm a TV newbie; please forgive any ignorance in my questions.

Second, I looked through the forums a bit and did read the recent thread where someone was asking if anybody has had luck with 1080p 24fps, but...

Annoying scrape problem One episode of one series
I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light on this for me.

I've got things laid out like this:

$ find Louis\ Therouxs\ Weird\ Weekends/ -type f
Louis Therouxs Weird Weekends//Season 3/Louis Therouxs Weird Weekends 3x03 - South Africa.avi
Louis Therouxs Weird...

Skins Folder
I'm trying to install the current build of the Aeon skin (Alpha14). This is the first skin I've attempted to install. I read the Plex wiki on skins and it says:

"After you have installed Plex and opened it for the first time, a series of directories are created located at ~/Library/Application...

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